Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Raining Fashion

I love rainy weather for a few reasons:
1: GREAT excuse to wear heels: "They lift me above all the puddles!" (see the above  rain boots... with heels !!)
2: Bright Raincoats + Pattern Tights = :)
(I love yellow jackets! They totally stand out against all the other black coats and gray skies, which is always a plus. I would wear this with a colorful patterned dress, bright tights, and some cute ballet flats!)

3: FUN ACCESSORIES !! Scarfs, mittens, beanies, you name it: drizzly weather brings out the inner warm accessories enthusiast in all of us !!

Rainy weather is when I love to bring out the quirky winter gear... Yes !!!! 

Featured Items:

The Leopard-Print Sidewalk Skimmer ~ $118,

Alcozer & J Cameo Drop Earrings ~ $245,
Brolly Time Necklace ~ $19.99,
Adina Mills Amethyst Ring ~ $185,
Love Rocks Gold And Topaz Owl Stretch Ring ~ $25.07,
Faliero Sarti Lurex Knit Scarf ~ $298,

Burgundy Jacquard Tights ~ $11,

Gabriella Rocha Duckee Duck Boot ~ $62,

Gallery Double Breasted Trench ~ $138.00,

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