Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cute New Finds from Forever 21 !

 I went scavenging around Forever 21 and found the above... All are super cute accessories that make a statement yet can be worn again and again and with any outfit... I plan on wearing this headband with super long, wispy-straight hair, or up with a cute french twist. That necklace can be worn with, let's face it, anything and everything !! And my favorite, perhaps, is this super cute belt that can be worn with a romper, dress, high-waisted skirt... the list goes on !! (And maybe I'll get one in each color?!)

Pearlescent Headwrap (in gold/cream) ~ $6.80
Chain-Link Mesh Necklace (in gold) ~ $7.80
Suedette Belt w/ Tassel (in mint; also comes in pink, oatmeal, and tan) ~ $4.80

What's your favorite??

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