Monday, March 19, 2012

Anthropologie - PARFUM

In case you didn't know, Anthropologie has some pretty amazing fragrances. While browsing through their perfume collection, I noticed some markers... and realized: They're actually solid perfume sticks that are set up like a marker for easy application and transportation; just put it in your bag and go!! One of my biggest concerns with perfume is always: "What if the bottle breaks when I'm toting it around in my bag?!" ...No issue of that here! Each fragrance is inspired by a different flavor of tea and the titles of each pencil are based on the tea's place of origin. With six to chose from and each $10, there really is something for everyone. Really!! Whether you are more of a fresh, floral, spice, fruity, or woodsy kinda girl - you'll find a scent you love!
Each scent is a different color!!

Tea Green
Hamarikyu Gardens by Marypierre: green tea-inspired, featuring sweetened lemon and bergamot zest, verbena and the softest amber (FRESH)

Bright Yellow
1856 Darjeeling by Adriana Medina: touches of cardamom, mint, fresh jasmine and cedarwood highlight this yellow tea blend (FLORAL/WOODSY)

Peach (Shown Above)
Cape Of Good Hope by Claude Dir: a steeped blend of red tea leaves and lemon, gardenia petals and musk (FLORAL)

5 O'Clock At Belvoir Castle by Stephen Nilsen: crisp bergamot and heady jasmine, sandalwood and damp moss (SPICE)

Silk Road Caravan by Stephen Nilsen: white tea buds and fresh apricot paired with peony and vanilla (FRUIT/FRESH)

Taverns & The Hague by Caroline Sabas: exotic Oolong spiked with mandarin and lemon zest, violet leaves and rich musk (FRESH)

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